Monday, July 6, 2009

A Card, a Cake, Some Yarn and Clouds

My thanks to Rosemary for the card I received in the mail today.

Right. on. the. money:
Girl-child and a friend baked a pink cake today:
And speaking of pink, Boy-child's pink sock is coming along nicely. He chose orange for reinforcing thread which is added to the heels and toes:
I wound this wool/bamboo sock yarn just in case I might need something extra when I'm packing for Chicago:
And although I don't look up as often as I should, I try to remember to take a cloud picture now and then. This one was taken last night as we returned from a most enjoyable dinner:


Anonymous said...

I had a roommate once who painted her bedroom (rental apartment) in orange and pink. Perhaps I should Google her so she and Boy-Child can share color advice?

Ironic said...

Somehow, I know you'll like this.