Sunday, July 26, 2009


Have you seen Harlot's blog?


There are too many weirdos in the world

Internet provides them with a forum

Harlot's taking a valiant stand

Send her good vibes

She needs them



Anonymous said...

I have always been a bit in awe of how La Harlot takes the high road, but she outdoes herself this time. Who among us could be that honorable? (Yeah, that other woman is a genuine whacko...)

Ironic said...

It's funny.
It's not that people are's that the internet provides anonymity that allows people to yell without repercussion.

It's like being able to shoot someone in a dark room because you'll never see them and they won't see you.

Fish said...

This confirms a belief that is the same as posted by Ironic and has this always existed ... these closet "shooters"?

Ironic said...

Another funny thing:

I left her a lengthy comment showing support and talking about morons who do this... and my comment is gone.