Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth

The weather cleared up and it turned into a wonderful evening. After good company and food, we couldn't seem to move ourselves from the deck, so we ended up there until just now.

Girl-child's friend provided the fireworks:
Don't they look cute?
I had what I needed so I just sat back and watched:
They goofed around with the sparklers for a while:
And then fought it out with Rock-em Sock-em:
It was so nice to stay home I don't know if anyone will talk me into going to crowded fireworks shows again.


Ironic said...

it seems you've gained a new Rojas.... Looks like great fun.

fish said...

HER sparklers are MUCH better than mine would have been ... mine sputter and whine and the wonder that is their light looks more like a burp ... she did well and I oohhd and aahhd looking at the pictures

Suzique said...

She does have the best toys! and I love the circling rope-trick sparkler photo.