Friday, July 3, 2009


Girl-child and I went to see the new Johnny Depp movie, Public Enemies today. It was good. I really didn't know anything about Dillinger before, and I suppose I still don't, but it gave a feel for the times and of course Johnny Depp is nice to look at, even when he's the bad guy. I remember liking the Bonnie and Clyde movie from way back, too, with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, so I guess I like gangster movies, even though that doesn't make sense.

I guess what I really liked was that it was a very well done period piece that took you back in time, the way a period piece should.

And although no cell phones rang, there was a guy asleep in the theater who was snoring so loudly that we were all laughing. Surprisingly the shoot-outs in the movie didn't wake him up; the laughing apparently did though.

The gal who was taking tickets at the theater was a real kick. She asked us how we were doing, and I said we were doing great since we were going to see Johnny Depp and I asked her which direction should we go in and she replied, "If I knew that, I'd have him tied up at home!"

It must be weird to be a star.

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