Thursday, July 16, 2009


Some things I noticed in Chicago:
  • Chicago is not a larger version of the Twin Cities.
  • It is way, way, way bigger.
  • Minneapolis looks puny when you fly home from Chicago.
  • There are a lot of skyscrapers.
  • Many of the skyscrapers are in the Art Deco style.
  • There are a lot of people begging in the streets.
  • Young women in bars and restaurants wear CFMs and clothing that does not offer adequate coverage.
  • North Rush Street is a great place to people watch on a Friday night.
  • They have a mass transit system that works really, really well.
  • Men sometimes offer up their seats to women on the trains.
  • A woman should never decline a seat from a man on public transportation.
  • I have trained Boy-child that he should never be sitting on a bus that has a woman standing.
  • While I was on a train a woman scowled at a man who offered her his seat.
  • I told said man that he was a real gentleman and I wished him better luck next time.
  • I love to go to conferences.
  • Who knew?


Suzique said...

Have you thought about doing stand-up comedy, or a newspaper column?

...then again, you've got a blog! I think we should publicize yours!

Anonymous said...

Had to look up CFMs at Yup, I'm a dork (whose kids have left home and consequently are no longer educating me on the most current idioms)

Second Suzique's comment!

fish said...

silly me, I want to know how they walk in those things? I might assume you would see some of this albeit on a puny scale in Msp/Stp...certainly the outfits perhaps not the politeness as much any more fun that a city still has the charm to offer