Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easy Listening

Girl-child recently introduced me to Michael Bublé and it turns out I really like him.

I was trying to get over the fact that I ended up in the Easy Listening section at Borders in order to find his stuff. Last I checked Easy Listening was for old people.

Girl-child discovered him because of her swing-dance activities. I don't dance.

So how could it be that I like this guy? Could it be because I'm almost 50? That could be one reason. Could it be that I am turning into my mother? That's possible. Nostalgia for the days of my childhood? Maybe; I find the way his style mimics that of Dean Martin and company very appealing.

But maybe the real reason that I find Easy Listening appealing is because I'm middle-aged, and when you reach middle age you don't want to work for your music anymore. Music is for relaxation. No more Johnny and Edgar Winter for me.

Check out his version of Moondance here.


Anonymous said...

I know why you like him. Same reason I did as soon as he started singing. He's sexy as hell. :-)

My musical taste has moved backwards. When I was young I bought movie soundtracks and Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. Now I crave AC/DC and Ozzie and Aerosmith. Go figger.

Anonymous said...

He has the most wonderful Christmas he does Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, soft salsa stuff ... it is lovely to listen too ... with his smokey voice and great styling ... how could you not tap a toe or two? On the other hand, thoses horns from Chicago ... sends chills just thinking about them too
a fish - alas no toes to tap

Anonymous said...

I'm back ... first, your link to Moondance by Buble also has a video with Moondance by Van Morrison...sigh... and I noticed you "backed up" your Michelle Bachman with a Michael Buble ...that must negate her in some way, yes? MB for another? ... that fish person

Susan said...

It's like watching Friends with the sound turned all the way down and a Rat Pack album turned up on the stereo (er, boom box, excuse me, iPod)!