Thursday, April 30, 2009

She's Back!

Michele Bachmann is back. Yes, that crazy woman from Minnesota who somehow keeps getting elected to the House continues to make bizarre statements. What I really don't understand is why she never has to retract anything.

Take the latest example. She says that she finds it "interesting" that the last swine flu outbreak was also under the administration of a Democrat.


Not only is it beyond comprehension how she thinks they could be linked, it's not true. The last outbreak was in 1976, under Gerald Ford's administration. He was a Republican if I remember correctly. Of course, Jimmy Carter was elected that year, so maybe the connection was ... ?


Anonymous said...

The term "dingbat" comes to mind.

Sarah said...

What a nutcase. It is so embarrasing that not only is she from MN, but she's actually been reelected after saying such idiotic things.