Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flora and Fauna on Campus

Being on the "Farm Campus" has its advantages. In the old days, when I worked for the Evil Airline, I used to be greeted with jet fuel fumes in the morning. Now the smell of manure may be wafting through the air when I get off the bus.

In the old days, I worked in a secure building with serpentine razor-wire atop chain-link fences. Now there are flowers:

This may have turned out to be the most valuable piece of real estate on campus; two story accommodations along a sidewalk, with a bench nearby that will soon have crumbs littered beneath it in the afternoons.
The upstairs has a balcony.
And there is a walk-out basement.
Happy spring everybody!


Susan said...

How cheery! We have a solitary yellow tulip open outside of Wilson. It looks a bit forlorn by comparison.

Anonymous said...

the evil airline is no more .. you made a good choice, kiddo ... flora and fauna not fumes
...fab fotos
a fish

Anonymous said...

Happy little chipmunk!