Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fiberous Weekend

(non-knitters may as well skip this post)

It was kind of a weird week; I'm not sure exactly why.

Perhaps it was the spring weather that threw me off balance. There are flowers blooming:
And birds are singing in the morning; I don't have to turn on my iPod while walking to the bus stop.

There was Knit night on Friday. Girl-child and a friend of hers actually accompanied me to The Yarnery on a Friday night to knit with the ladies. How cool is that? The Knitterly Fish gave Girl-child a bunch of yarn (she just did a little weeding of her stash) and, needless to say, Girl-child was elated. (Yes, my friend The Fish, a pusher and an enabler. That is why we love her).

I rather fell of the wagon at The Yarnery as they're having their annual sale.

P wants some yellow socks for which I found this:
And then Boy-child expressed interest in both purple and fuschia for which I found these:
And, of course, I was on a roll, so I picked up some Pagewood Farms Yukon for myself in a beautiful shade:

Which is really ok, since I finished the Monkey socks recently, and then this week the pair using SoxAppeal. This yarn is made with elastic which makes for a great fabric, but it's not so easy to work with:
The color doesn't show up very well here, but you get the idea.

I also resurrected a pair recently, The Poseidon pattern:
I'm not sure why those went into hibernation for so long, but I really like the look of them.

And somehow I ended up with this green sock - I'm already to the heel flap (how did that happen? Am I knitting in my sleep?):
Today was Yarnover. I volunteered for check-in, which was fun if a bit early. Then we had Lily Chin for a keynote speaker and then I had a fantastic class with Margaret Fisher, called Seven Things that can Make or Break a Sweater. Although I learned a lot, I wasn't inspired enough to muster the courage to look at The Cardigan since I got home. I am a coward, I admit it.

I did pick up a little souvenir from Jennie the Potter:
I will mention that The Fish watched me throughout these purchases; she was able to abstain all weekend and enjoy my purchases vicariously. Did I mention that she's an enabler?

My only disappointment is that I didn't get to visit properly with The Kat what with the volunteering and the fact that I was late to lunch and all. We'll have to do it another time...


Anonymous said...

That yellow yarn looks as good out here as it does in person PLUS the new socks ... that yarn is fabulous too!
the fiberous fish

Anonymous said... have my purpose in life so acknowledged ... I am SO proud!
a pushy fish

Anonymous said...

So that's why I couldn't find you at lunch! I bought a skein of Pagewood Farm, too, and a shawl pin. Must go photo and write and blog about it all.

Susan said...

just lurking as you spin your yarns. The little scenic shot is cheery! (the sox are too, actually, I admit it; and I'm off to the studio to muck around in clay)