Friday, May 8, 2009

What is My Name?

So a patron calls this morning before we're open and she wants a thing taken care of and I say fine, but I'm not signed in to the computer so can I have your name and the name of the book.

Spanish name, German book title.

It's a good thing I remember some German, 'cause this woman doesn't know her name.

She only gave me one of a double last name (does she not know what it says on her id?) and she gave her first name as María but in the system it's Lourdes.

She must be Chilean.

Reminded me of P's aunty - La Tía Mai - she was in the social security office and she hadn't realized they'd called her 'cause they used her legal name and no one has ever called her that before. Ever.

Honestly, folks, why name a kid Demóstenes if you're going to call him Paco?

In other Latin American news, it turns out that the daughter of Hugo Chávez and the grandson of Salvador Allende are an item. Poor Allende. You can read about it here.


Susan said...

The system should know that Lourdes is where Maria appears.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Allende's grandson is going out with a leftie? Oh, the irony is delicious!

Anonymous said...

We just went over Spanish name games in class ... my, oh my ... I can see why the person didn't know their name
just fish

Anonymous said...

Susan's comment is very funny
still just a fish