Monday, January 12, 2009

Really, I Was Kidding

Ok folks, I guess a few people were taking me seriously about the results of the New Years Resolutions Quiz? Do you see underneath where I wrote (ok, maybe I exaggerate a little...)? Yes, that means that I played with it until I got a ridiculous amount of resolutions (all but you should take a trip and you should quit smoking) and put that on the post.

That's what I meant by exaggerate.

Anyway, I got the first installment of my Unexpected Gift Certificate (UGC) gift today in the mail. Behold, I can keep my place in a pattern chart in style now - pink on brown paisleys for heaven's sake, who could ask for more?Of course, there is more since the other thing I ordered with the UGC is backordered because it's so awesome EVERYBODY wants one. Keep posted for updates here.

It was especially appropriate that it arrived today since I had just sent the first installment of the thank you for the UGC in the form of cookies this morning (see below).

And speaking of charts, I have progressed to the second front panel of the Must Have Cardigan, which means that soon I will have only the sleeves left ... and then I can find out how to put it together and whether or not it fits anyone. These are the pieces: And this shows the texture a little bit better:
Wow have I learned a lot from making this sweater. I really, really like the texture. It's been fun to work on and I am no longer afraid of charts.

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