Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I think I mentioned that we went to the coast for New Year's Eve. It's a different world on the coast, and of course, New Year's Eve comes with its own issues. I've never been big on celebrating this particular holiday, but we enjoyed the change in scenery.

There's a long walk and lots of beach between La Serena and Coquimbo with tons of restaurants, condos and hotels.
They have tsunami evacuation route signs which I don't believe I'd ever seen before; I haven't been here since the 2004 tsunami.
Sunsets are quite spectacular on the Pacific coast:
My pictures are not very good, but the fireworks were ... we could see three sets of fireworks from our hotel balcony.
Next morning always looks very different. There were lots of young people still out and about when we went down for breakfast; their day was just finishing up and ours just starting.

The beach in the morning can be a very cloudy. This year's start was no exception. It gives you time to think.


Anonymous said...

Great photos!!! I love, love, love the morning beach shots !
Happy New Year!!!
a still frozen fish

Anonymous said...

What a splendid holiday you have had/are having! Thanks for bring us along.

Susan said...

Yes, yes, I second those comments! So what's that fish? looks a little like a skatefish, but friendlier....