Friday, January 9, 2009

Reality Check

The election is over, vacation is over, nothing has really changed in spite of all that relaxation beside the pool ... the elation over the fact that the W era is almost over is waning ... the economy is still a shambles, the country is still at war.

I think that walking out into this in the morning instead of seeing a jacaranda tree may have something to do with the depression that has set in:

And although I've cleaned up a lot, there's still plenty of stuff piled up that has to be dealt with at the office:
Yes, it's a blurry picture. I think maybe I hadn't had enough coffee yet when I snapped the shot.

So what should we do to brighten our day? Make the winter shorter?

Make resolutions, of course! By the time we realize there's no hope of achieving the resolutions, the weather will be good and we won't care any more!

Thanks to Cursing Mama for the link:

You Should Make 6 Resolutions

Lose Weight

Save Money

Get a Better Job

Get Fit

Drink Less Alcohol

Reduce Stress Overall

(ok, maybe I exaggerate a little...)


Anonymous said...

2 things ... great shot of bare branches ... I love bare tree branches ... and your office ... way bigger desk than that airline place gave you
freezing fish

Susan said...

OK: wait until enough others who hate their job leave, and then you will have one you love. Most of us are leaving in a few years anyway)

The trees tie right in with the survey: the last jacaranda I saw was a year ago, and that was my last "vacation", hence:
Lose Weight
Save Money
Get Fit
Reduce Stress Overall
**Take a Trip**

PR said...

Gasp! You should stay longer next time!