Friday, December 12, 2008


Now I know that I was going to give up politics once the election was over but seriously folks, what was Blago thinking? I wish someone could prove that it's something in the water in Chicago, but it seems the guy is just another corrupt politician - and a moron too.

And it looks like the UAW is going to take down the auto industry the way the unions have taken down other industries in this country (no more textile industry in the U.S., for example, that's why all the yarn is imported). Pity is, they're going to take a lot of other people with them; it's definately going to get worse before it gets better.

The glittens turned out pretty well - except that my fingers are a bit longer than Girl-child's. I got some Malabrigo to make a pair for Boy-child so maybe I can fine-tune the "pattern" a little bit.

We were out last night for dinner since Girl-child was in the 'hood ... pity they don't get along at all:
After The Grill we went to Half Price Books where we picked up Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the first season of Murder She Wrote, Kate and Leopold and Rape of Europa.

It was a good night.


Anonymous said...

Great photo of the kids ... glittens look good too ... it's not just yarn ... I think a lot of quilt fabric is now imported, too ... so, what went wrong with the unions?

Anonymous said...

Unions have done good, and they have done bad. What seems to be happening how is the latter.