Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Good News

The good news just keeps rolling in ... the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just announced it is launching a "pilot broadband initiative" to help public libraries improve Internet service in a number of states.

Read about it here.

Connected Nation and the American Library Association are the beneficiaries of $6.9 million in grants.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since the Gates Foundation gave 8 of the 10 libraries in our county free computers and laser printers (the other 2 libraries were in communities that were above the income threshold) I have not bad-mouthed Bill Gates. Microsoft, yes; Bill himself, no. Not only did the foundation give the computers and printers, their grant included cables, a wireless router, every bit of equipment needed, customized instruction books, plus 2 training sessions and a followup session. They really did a good job. Wisconsin libraries were in the last group of states to receive the Gates computers, so the foundation team had had 40+ states' libraries on which to perfect their method. But still. I was impressed by how well thought out the program was and how thorough they were, and I am not easily impressed.