Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recent Output

Folks have been asking about what types of cookies I've been making so here are some photos.

The traditional spritz cookies - Girl-child swears the Christmas trees are the best:

They're in the freezer because the boys aren't too fond of them and I don't want to eat them all. Girl-child took a small tin back to school for a treat.

Then I made some lemon cream cheese cookies which I always make - the citrus is a nice break from all the vanilla flavoring (although I use almond in the spritz, also for variety):
I love lemon. In the house they must be referred to as fossil cookies, as that's what P dubbed them years ago and that is what they will always be.

And there are these, which we called oatmeal shortbreads when I was a child but now are called logs (my children wouldn't care if none of them were round and they would be delighted if none had nuts):
They spruce up a plate rather nicely.

I still have to make date balls, but that will come later. Most of the cookies will go to Chile.

In knitting I have tried something new - Glittens:
These are for Girl-child and are an adaptation of a couple of patterns. I've been taking notes, so I hope the second one looks the same as the first.

I also finished the first Panopticon sock and have started on the second - the color is a little off but it will have to do:

And I finished Girl-child's orange socks and delivered them to her yesterday when we had lunch together in Stadium Village:
Thanks for the picture Sweet Pea, I think the color turned out quite well.

And how, you may ask, did I take pictures if P took the camera with him when he flitted of to Chile yesterday? I checked it out at the library! Can you believe that? It's a really nice camera, so I hope to check it out again!

And here are a few things I found online today:

*The congresswoman who hung up on Obama twice because she thought the phone call was a prank. Oops!

*The Hakluyt Society - wow - how cool is this? When I'm rich and famous I am going to join, although I e-mailed them today asking if they ever published anything by/about Mary Kingsley and if the answer is no that may discourage my future membership. (Note that Map Nerd was not one of the options on that quiz yesterday, but we do exist).

*The New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2008 List. This is a list worth examining. I get a lot of lists, being on a few librarian listservs, but this one holds promise. Now all I have to do is remember the list and wait until they are out in paperback.

*Coffee Art. Seriously. Check it out. It's a memoir in art - kind of reminds me of both Love, Loss and What I Wore and A Postcard Memoir. And another thing which I can't discuss because it's a Christmas surprise. Love the concept, love the effect.


Anonymous said...

I adore spritz. Yours, in the round can, look exactly like my mother's. She always put almond in them, too.

Anonymous said...

as heard on tv "yummo" ... both the cookies and the knitting ... may I tell you how absolutely jealous I am of your FOs ... grrr
a pouty fish

Susan said...