Sunday, December 14, 2008


Things just seem to get stranger and stranger some days.

It was raining today when I got up. I hate it when it rains in the winter.

This morning when I went out to the airport post office there were about three fire trucks, two ambulances and I'm not sure how many cops on Ford Parkway. They had closed the street. This was very odd.

As I was approaching the post office at MSP airport I noticed that the old NWA headquarters building - a building I used to work in - was no longer there. It was very disorienting.

My children and I went out to visit Milton for lunch; Milton is my father's friend who took me under his wing when I was a teenager. My kids think he's a real kick. I can see that he's slowed down a lot. It's too bad they never saw him in his prime.

Milton is getting physically old. My mother has Alzheimer's. It's disconcerting, seeing these people get old. My father never grew old; he was 44 when he died.

I went to the grocery store later in the afternoon and noticed that the car wash at the filling station on Ford Parkway is charred around the edges. I guess that's what was going on this morning. Kind of a scary thought when you consider all the gasoline that could have been involved.

My mother's Christmas cards are almost done. I'm not sending out cards this year. Maybe I'll send something out in January.

The copy of Rape of Europa that we got at Half Price the other night was damaged, so I took it back today. I hope they get another copy some time. If you ever get a chance to see the movie or read the book it's a very interesting part of WWII history.

I found a bag today and bought it on a whim. The style is Mary Poppins but the fabric is modern. Boy-child thinks it's ugly. I'll have to get another opinion.


Anonymous said...

The NWA building is gone? I will be at the airport next Saturday to pick up #1 son -- I will see the emptiness then. Where did the people go who worked there?

Susan said...

Yikes, the thought of Ford Parkway exploding is just ghastly. I had no idea this was going on this morning. Slept right through it.

I know what you mean about people around us aging (surely we aren't)and fighting senility.

Anonymous said...

so the aqua building is gone ... and now the airlines is gone ...
BEST OF ALL ... we are gone!
a (not-too-often)flying fish