Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trying to Maintain Sanity

I'm definitely losing my mind.

It's all about the weather.

I thought I was made of stronger stuff, but apparently not.

I've taken to looking at this every day.

Found it on Jenny Lawson's blog, which I also look at every day.

Have to find a laugh somewhere.

This is what I found on The Bloggess today.

I laughed.

Global warming-schmarming.

We'll have to evolve into fish soon, or perish.

It's true, the sun tried to come out.

A couple of times.

In the past few months.

With little success.

Today there were waves in the bird bath:

It was dark as night at noon.

I signed up for a 20 week MOOC today.

Will it be enough motivation for me to live or will I expire of despair before it even starts?


Fede said...

No todo es oscuridad. Seguro que esta noticia te alegra.

soxanne said...

Genial - buscare mas noticias (y espero que haya una foto) el proximo sabado!

Gracias por haberme avisado.

Mary Lou said...

OK today was lovely, now there are big branches down in my yard from the storm. Oy.