Monday, June 3, 2013

Cielo y Velas

Turns out I was not being unusually cranky about the weather ... Girl-child told me that May 2013 was the rainiest month EVER! I am happy to report some blue sky and sun have been spotted.

I must say, living on the edge of the barrio has some surreal moments. This display in Target made me do a double-take; reminds me of markets in Mexico. Who knew we could have such a selection here?  Not so long ago you wouldn't have been able to find one of these candles to save your soul (hehe - get it?)


kmkat said...

That's the barrio? No wonder there are so many Mexican/Latino restaurants on East Lake St.

soxanne said...

When I worked at Central/Green school 64% of the student body was Latino/Spanish speaking, so I guess I'd call it The Barrio.

And yes, there are a lot of good restaurants on East Lake!

Fede said...

¿Podría conseguir algunas velas para salvarnos de nuestros políticos?

(Ya he recibido uno de los libros :-))

soxanne said...

No creo...por lo menos para mi nunca han dado resultados milagrosos.

Y que bien! Avisame la proxima vez que busques algo - sea para Clara o para ti.