Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gardening and Knitting

I may have mentioned that I have a mini-garden on the balcony this year. Everything has taken a beating with the storms, but things are progressing.

This is supposed to be a cucumber, but I don't remember cucumbers having lavender blossoms. Does anyone know? I guess it doesn't matter much; I'll be glad to have any kind of harvest.

The tomato plant was big and had blossoms when I bought it.  I noticed this morning that one of the tomatoes is starting to get red.  Very exciting.  The other two plants are bell peppers (one green one red if that worked).  Notice I tied them down to the rails to prevent further upsets from the bizarre weather.

And, of course, I have some flowers.

My knitting lately has been fairly catastrophic.  This is the sweater I have been working on since April.  Too big.  By a long shot.  I will frog it and make something different (maybe for next summer - it's a silk/cotton blend).   I have a pair of socks going; probably a Christmas gift although that remains to be seen.  And I might take a Color Affection with me to Chicago this weekend.

And yes, that would be Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in my bedroom.

They love me ;-)


kmkat said...

1. I love pansies.
B. Pretty yarn! Definitely reknit into something you will love.
iii. I wish I had Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in MY bedroom.

Silvernfire said...

Pansies are my favorite flower, and I love those closeup photos of them.

Too bad about the sweater. May the next one fit like a dream.

I have no idea what color cucumber blossoms are. Let your garden be an adventure of discovery!

soxanne said...

I know you are all jealous of me having Sean and Harrison at my bedside ... I like flowers of all kinds ... thank you for supporting my humongous knitting gaffes ... don't know what grows in my balcony garden but I'm sure there will be good things to eat no matter what ...