Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time to Build a Boat

I may have already mentioned  complained that it has been a very, very wet spring here.

Fifteen days of sun since March 15th is what I heard.  That means a lot of rainy days since March 15th.

Of course, as the old saying goes, "May showers bring June flowers."  Or something like that.

Things are growing everywhere.

The birds are using any dry space, no matter how small and unlikely, for a nest.

I'm not farming this year.  Just a balcony garden.

No shovel required.


Fede said...

"May showers bring June flowers."
Me gusta este refrán. Aquí, como la primavera llega un poquito antes, decimos: "Marzo ventoso y Abril lluvioso sacan a Mayo florido y hermoso".

soxanne said...

En verdad el refran es "April showers bring May flowers" pero este anyo no ha sido normal....

Mary Lou said...

I'm growing mushrooms, I think. And over here on the eastern slope, (the west side) I find such things in target and the grocery store, I love it.

Silvernfire said...

I hear rice grows well in standing water. Just making a suggestion for a future crop. :)

soxanne said...

Hahaha...everyone's a comedian!