Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Notes

It's been an unusual weekend.

Boy-child showed up Thursday morning which was a nice surprise.  He goes back to school today, which is probably a good thing; I'm really tired.

I received an awesome housewarming gift from The Kat; all the more amazing since she hasn't even been over yet (of course, neither has anyone else given that I've hardly been here myself).

Some people caught on to double knitting better than others last fall at Minnesota Knitters' Days.

I found a wacky gaggle of snowpeople while out running errands today:

I couldn't stop when I first spotted them, so after the errands were done I went back to snap photos.

Yes, those are plungers for legs/feet.

This one was my favorite.  The creators have to be admired for getting this guy into the hammock, don't you think?


Silvernfire said...

Yes, admiration is due, both for managing to get the snowman into the hammock and thinking to put him there in the first place. Although it may look a bit ooky when he starts melting through it!

kmkat said...

Thanks for taking a picture of the trivet -- I have pics of it pre-felting but somehow forgot to get FO shots. Enjoy!