Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Mists of Avalon is almost over - the four part audio book has helped me comfortably tolerate many hours in the car.  It talks a lot about the Beltane Fires, which are pagan spring rites I had never heard of before.  Kinda fun, although the book is much too long.  Can't stop now though; I have to know what happens.

I received a novel gift recently. It's the envy of my office. (Apparently the Funky Knit Clogs are the envy of my knitting group(s). See comments below).

Spring is showing signs of arrival, although it was quite chilly today, and it's supposed to snow tonight. I was on a conference call this morning with folks in Rapid City and Phoenix. It was much, much warmer there than here today.  Like 40 degrees plus warmer.  But we have birds again.

We do have a lot of melt going on most days, and some ice-dam issues around the city.

I seem to have a fixation on downspouts.

And finally, one of the benefits to having to replace those books that (ahem!) disappeared in the move is that I get packages now.  Sometimes they're from Spain, even.

This box came with Peon de Rey.  I'm thinking I'll start reading in Spanish again to brush up.


kmkat said...

Love the ice photos. That reminds me that I have some video I took of our teenage helper knocking down icicles from our eaves.

Of course you are the envy of everyone. Who wouldn't envy someone with knitting clogs AND a Cinderella slipper tape dispenser?

anne rojas said...
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soxanne said...

tee hee!