Friday, February 22, 2013


I spent the night at my own place last night (hooray!) which ended up involving a couple of adventures.

Adventure the first:  When I arrived at Cemetery Way last night, there was a huge swath of the 'hood without electricity. That, of course, meant that there was no way to get into the parking garage.  And no elevator.

While I'm not always thankful for being on the second floor, last night I was very thankful I only had to climb two flights of stairs.  With a lot of stuff.

There are no pictures of that adventure, for obvious reasons.

Adventure the second:  This morning I had a snowy adventure. I was at my own place to avoid a 20 mile rush-hour drive to make an appointment this morning, so I decided to avoid driving all together and take the train.

I ended up going through the Cedar-Riverside area on my way home, where I passed a former abode:

I found it ironic that the only dry bit of brick on this building was the strip where the downspouts were frozen:

I also found this goddess-like sculpture ironic, given that it is in a neighborhood that is now heavily East African.  I have a young lady from East Africa in the class I am teaching right now, and she loves the freedoms that women have here.  I wonder if she is familiar with this statue... (I kind of have The Goddess on the brain right now as I am listening to The Mists of Avalon).

And finally, I found this mural to be particularly delightful on a snowy morning.  Nothing like cats frolicking in the snow.

Which reminds me.  Do you like Simon's Cat?  The cats in the snow made me think of this video.

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