Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where Was I? Where Am I?

One of my long-term goals is to replace some books that were (ahem) lost in the upheaval of 2012.

This one was a challenge: a history of Spain for children, which is great for my purposes as it covers only the highlights (that's usually all I'm looking for).  I also like it because it ends before the Republic, Civil War and Franco years, which means that it glorifies King Alfonso XIII before his fall.

Anyway, it took some searching to find it.  After emailing the museum shop of the Alcazar de Segovia,  where I purchased the one I originally had, and a bookseller in France, I found it on Amazon.

Sorry for the poor quality photo, but there you have it.

This is a basket made by Girl-child from old t-shirts that will be used for ... yarn, of course:

We went to February's new restaurant last weekend (did I mention we're going to 12 new restaurants in 12 months?  It's great fun).  This is a very small piece of the unending graffiti found at Victor's 1959 Cafe, where the ropa vieja is delicious:

One of Auntie's cousins brought cookies and strawberries for treats while visiting the other day.  Great choices.  Auntie is doing quite well after surgery.  I'm hanging out in the Wilds of Bloomington to help out a bit while she heals.

Bacon and avocado sandwiches to go with the strawberries - yum!

Did you know that they glue the incision together for mastectomy patients now?  I guess it heals well and the scar is not so unsightly.  Kinda cool.

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kmkat said...

I was once told that Super Glue was invented for use in closing wounds during the Vietnam War. Weird.

Yay for Auntie!