Saturday, February 2, 2013

All's Quiet on the SW Front

Auntie is home from the hospital.  Everything went well; no surprises.  Thanks for all the good wishes.

So here I am in the SouthWest corner of nowhere, hanging out.  I find it both hilarious and terrifying that I am the "Responsible Adult" for Auntie's return home.

I could be doing some work, but I really don't feel like it.  I've been knitting on my stealth project.  I worked on my sock a little at the hospital.  I just bought Vogue Knitting, Winter 12/13.

One of the things I recently discovered is Shutterfly.  I got some prints from them, and then they started sending me all these coupons.  I caved and purchased a coffee mug with these three images on it:

I really, really like the mug.

In other news, I got to stay at my place for two nights last week while Auntie was in the hospital.  I watched the rest of Downton Season III while I was home.  To me, the cliffhanger was pretty weak in its predictability.  No, I won't spoil it, but do tell me what you think once you've seen it.

Boy-child called me today to give me my weekly update - I didn't even have to remind him!  He's liking Aristotle's Politics (!).

Today I am wearing these socks, which according to Ravelry I made in the spring of 2008.  Don't you love hand-knit socks?


kmkat said...

I do so love that American Gothic photo. Is that your old house with the #hashtag over the door?

soxanne said...

Yup. We used to call it the "Eleanor Pound" house.

monster said...

Hey I know those kids! And that house :)