Monday, January 28, 2013

Suburban Musings

It's been a rough couple of weeks at Auntie's house.  Sleep deprivation has been an issue, plus the discouraging reality that the bounce-back after chemo did not materialize as expected.

In the meantime, I have been trying to focus on the positive (in spite of the tragedy at Downton last night).

Here are my musings:

Poinsettias have always been a staple of Christmastime in my family.  Considering the fact that my mother and her siblings grew up in Bloomington with greenhouses, and one of her brothers continued the business in Jordan, I guess it's not surprising that flowers are often present.

This is a piece of Lladro that I made a special trip into Madrid from Salamanca to bring back for my mother back in 1980.  When Auntie and I cleared out my mother's apartment, I told Auntie to take it with her.  I guess I chose this one for a number of reasons - a bird, flowers, but especially the little squiggle that is the worm on the branch.  (Recuerdas, Fede, ese viaje a Madrid en el tren?)

When I worked for The Evil Airline That is No Longer I appropriated this Rugrat train case from the kids' stuff for my desk.  It popped up again in the move, and now I've brought it to Auntie's house so that I can keep track of the cords I need for my various electronic devices.  Very dependent upon electronics, I am.

Auntie has made a lot of really cool stuff.  One of those things is a kaleidoscope, which sits on her coffee table (with the Lladro bird and other precious items).  I remember my kids always liked the kaleidoscope a lot.

Ironically, my aunt, who you may remember from the Christmas Quilt, is very talented in the quilting  department, loves this simple quilt that was given to her at the hospital.  Folks make them and donate them, I think mostly to the cancer wards.

We got snow yesterday.  I love snow.

Life is good.  Surgery is Wednesday.  Hoping for the best.


Silvernfire said...

Hoping for the best as well.

Really, Bloomington doesn't look that horrid from the deck. :)

soxanne said...

It's not so bad, really; my biggest complaint is that I have to drive so much ... lots of 80 mile days :-(

kmkat said...

Best thoughts for Auntie.

soxanne said...


sophanne said...

I have an auntie. Someday I will be driving to take care of her as there is no one else. I have done a little bit of that in the last few years. I know what it feels like. I am with you and wishing you and auntie the best.

soxanne said...

Ahhh, yes, there are many of us with Very-Special-Aunties...