Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals

I had a lot of big goals last year, and I accomplished them.  This year has a much more modest list.

*Take a trip that is not child- or work-related

*Join the YWCA across the street (not in January)

*Start riding a bike places (when the weather is better - I'm not interested in winter biking)

*Knit twelve things from stash yarn.  This was inspired by Chelsea

*Take three more classes at the Apple store

*Go through at least one box of my mother's stuff each month

*Wag more, bark less

I did manage to finish my Sketchbook recently - the front and back covers posted here.  I'm thinking of going to New York to visit the Brooklyn Art Library, among other places.


kmkat said...

What a lovely and do-able list! I think I probably know what some of your goals were last year -- it was a very, very busy and turbulent year for you, wasn't it? Nice to be out the other side now.

Chelsea said...

Hooray for Year of the Stash! The Y is pretty cool, too. :)