Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Knitting

Here's the first of my 12 from Stash in 2013- a hat for Boy.  I had an extra hank of black washable worsted for just this thing (Boy does not get anything made with fancy yarn any more).

This will be done's a fishnet pattern in a very colorful yarn.  The idea was to have something that would go with everything.  I'm very interested to see how it blocks out.  (Hopefully it will be blocking on Boy's bed next weekend after he returns to Chicago Tuesday).

This is a stealth project - to be done for someone who stalks the blog and belongs to Ravelry, so no details.  The yarn was purchased at Borealis before it closed.  It has to be done by the end of April.  I find that I have so little knitting time these days, I'm not going to take any chances, which is why I'm allowing myself nearly four months for a project that is not really that big of a deal.

I also have a pair of socks OTN (no surprise), so that gives me four of the twelve to be done from existing stash/WIPs.  Doable?  I hope so.

For Yarnover I signed up for the dinner the night before and "Knitting Happily Ever After - Ergonomics for Knitters" with Carson Demers.  

I'm all for Happily Ever After!


kmkat said...

I just signed up for Yarnover, too. (Picture me awaking, suddenly remembering that today is Yarnover Registration Day, looking at my watch to see it is ::gasp!:: 9:35!) I am going to the dinner on Friday night, too, and will take Slick Set-In Sleeves and Groovy Garter Stitch. (Next I have to reschedule the surgery (3rd time!) for AFTER Yarnover. It's all about the priorities, man!

Great hat! Looks brown in the photo, tho. Fishnet is lovely. Yarn?

soxanne said...

I was thinking of the Slick class, but the homework/project put me off... I'm too lazy!

Knitting having a higher priority than surgery? I can understand that...

Yes, the hat is black, but the details of the decreases don't show unless the color is off.

The fishnet shawl/scarf is with Berocco Boboli.