Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitchen Knits

So, I received the most delightful surprise in my mailbox the other day - a wonderful set of kitchen hand-knits:

They're lovely and much needed, plus they add color to my very color-less place.  

My heartfelt thanks to Rose the Gypsy.  Great timing.  Very thoughtful.  Wonderfully useful.

In the meantime, I finished the fishnet stole/scarf.  It's blocking at the moment, on purple towels, so the color is a little skewed, but I believe it will serve its purpose well, which is to have a little something that goes with everything.  Plus, this is my second FO for 2013 - woot!  

Unfortunately, Auntie is not doing very well, so I am not at my place using the new kitchen set at the moment.  Soon.  No more chemo, thank goodness she's done with that.  With any luck, she'll be having surgery in a couple of weeks and on her way to full recovery afterward.

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monster said...

Gifts and Finished projects what can be better?!