Monday, February 4, 2013

On The Arts

Apropos of nothing...Girl-child recently sent this link, which I think is fantastic on so many levels. 

While languishing in the wilds of Bloomington, I am reminded of the artistic traditions of the family. I never thought of myself as artistically inclined, when really it seems it just took me a long time to find my niche.

My Great-grandmother painted china. You may recall I went to the Antiques Road Show a while back, and this pitcher ended up being the most valuable thing I schlepped to the show. Not super-valuable, but the (snotty with a serious superior attitude problem) guy who looked at it told us that while all the ladies of the time (turn of the century) were doing this sort of thing, at least my great-grandmother was talented (read: a lot of those ladies made ugly stuff).

It was really the only thing of my mother's in the china category that I wanted. She gave it to me about five years ago.

Out here at Auntie's, there is a tobacco set, also painted by said Great-grandmother. It's quite spectacular.  Tray, tobacco container and ashtray included in the set.

Other talented relatives (besides Girl-child) would be Auntie herself, who not only knit and crocheted, but also painted china, did needlepoint and cross-stitch and hand-quilting. There was also a Great-aunt who went to California and worked in costuming during the early days of film.

Kinda cool.  I've learned a lot about my family while spending time with Auntie.

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