Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Not Un-packing Week

So, I went downtown yesterday to file for homestead tax, change my address on my driver's license and  go to the post office so I could mail my Christmas cards.  Yes, I got my cards out early.  I like cards, and I wanted people to know my new address so I mailed them early this year.

Except for the ones that I didn't mail because I ran out of cards.  More on the way.

Unfortunately, I accidentally erased all my downtown pictures.  It didn't even ask me, "are you sure?" before it chugged through them all.  Gone.

Anyway, while wandering around lost, going to the Lumber Exchange building instead of the Grain Exchange building (I used to know my way around downtown blindfolded - no more), I popped into the library to register my new address.  Now I can legally check out audio and ebooks from the library on my own card.   My heartfelt thanks to that individual who loaned me a Minneapolis identity so that I could enjoy audiobooks over the past eleven months...
It was delightfully amazing to see a throng of people waiting for the library to open at 10am.

On the home front, I have not unpacked anything this week.  Nada.  I did order massive quantities of bookcases which will be delivered later today.  That means there will be no unpacking, only assembling this weekend.  Of course, once the assembling is done, the unpacking of the books will begin, and that will be loads of fun.

Oh, and my Christmas cactus is in bloom:
I've done precious little knitting, which is kind of distressing, but whaddaya gonna do?

This is my mindless-but-not-a-sock project.  I have no idea who will receive it.  It's a tube that fits within a tube - green stockinette under pinky/purple eyelet.  Nice little scarf that will be very warm.
This is my stealth Christmas knitting. I can't help it but show a photo. The cables are kind of tricky, and I had to re-do a bit, but I think I've got it figured out now.
I might have to make another.

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kmkat said...

I have killed more Christmas cacti (and Thanksgiving cacti and Easter cacti) than I care to admit. Yours is lovely. As is the knitting :)