Monday, December 17, 2012


I just finished reading my first free-copy-from-LibraryThing book, Interloper at Glencoe.  It was a fun read.  I like historical fiction, and time travel is always entertaining.  This book combined the two well, and the historical event was both obscure and interesting to me.  It is only available in electronic format, I believe.  Check here if you're interested in learning more.

On the home front, I had my windows measured for blinds.  Can't wait to get rid of the hideous drapes (they are truly, spectacularly ugly).  The woman who came to measure said, "I see you're a knitter.  My daughter is a knitter.  She recently moved home because she's going back to school, and when I saw all that yarn I said, 'No more yarn purchases until you use some of this up!'"  I just smiled.

Boy-child is home and helping with the bookcases and unpacking the books.  I even skipped Drunken Knit Night I was so excited to be making such great progress.  The place actually feels like it's mine now.

Those big boxes in the middle toward the left are glass doors.  I'm leaning away from the doors at this point; I think I'll take them back.  I'll have more room for growth that way, and it will be an uninterrupted wall of books :-)

I was at a training seminar for work last week.  They had those blue mints that you used to see in the 1960s, if I remember right.  It was kind of cool.

Cool mints.  Get it?  Really though, it was weirdly nostalgic.


kmkat said...

Is that wall of books in your new dining room? I LOVE IT!

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