Sunday, December 9, 2012

This and That

Today we woke up to a Winter Wonderland.  It has been snowing steadily all day which, of course, meant that I was driving all over town running errands.

At least it's pretty.

You may recall that foggy morning view from the balcony.   This is what it looked like today:

This is what it looks like on a sunny winter day with no snow or fog:

I'm thinking I'll dub my new address "Cemetery Way" ~ I sure do like my new, quiet neighbors.  The grocery store on street level is not very quiet, but across the street is "heavenly."

Another thing you may or may not recall is the double-knitting I started back in October.  I frogged that little project.  Double-knitting does not seem like a good idea right now.  I'm sure I'll think of something to do with the yarn, which is delicious.

Also in yarn news, there was a moth scare for some recently acquired yarn...The acquired yarn along with anything it was near is now in the freezer.

I finished a Christmas hat (details later or you can look at my Ravelry page if you're a member).  It's pretty.   I also dug up some Starry yarn and started a sparkly pair of socks for myself.  Kind of makes me giggle that I'll have sparkly socks.

The Christmas cactus still looks great, although I'm back at Auntie's making sure she can manage after a month away at the hospital and in transitional care.  She's much better.  She is, in fact, the healthiest sick person I know.

Now that the bookcases are under way I've started working on window coverings.  The sample fabrics arrived; they're fantastic.  More to follow.


kmkat said...

I think I may be jealous of your freezer. Ours is always so full that no could I put some yarn-in-peril in there.

soxanne said...

hahaha - I haven't lived there long enough to have much food yet ... I did have to remove the two tins of Christmas cookies.

Silvernfire said...

I note that the freezer is clean enough that you can shove yarn in without feeling you have to wrap it in something protective. Mine is that clean, but it's still a relatively new refrigerator. (And in this case, my yarn was already in a plastic bag, and it was simplest just to shove the whole thing in.)

soxanne said...

Well, mine is pretty new, and was never used much. I shoved the whole basket in on Friday night, but then realized it was too big, so I put the yarn in the freezer and the basket on the balcony.

They should all be ready to thaw out now!