Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Progress

You know how sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better?

First there were boxes of books... there are a lot of them, but we managed to have a small Thanksgiving dinner around the dining room table no problem.  Everything was under control.

Then you add a few more boxes from Ikea and you've got to put the dining room table in Boy-child's bedroom.

'Cause now you've got boxes to go with the boxes.

Then you put a few bookcases together and you have to move the boxes of books out of the way in order to get the bookshelves in place so that you can unpack the books.

Uff da, I'm tired!  Final stages yet to happen.  Thank goodness Boy will be home soon to schlep boxes of books around.

1 comment:

kmkat said...

Schleppers are priceless!