Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Food and Snow

I just want to say that, for the first time in my life, someone brushed the snow off my car for me. Ok, sure, people have done it for me while I warmed up the car, but that was because they wanted to go somewhere. Auntie's neighbor brushed off my car just to be nice.

It was actually frozen shut; took a lot to get one of the doors open (passenger side).  I gave him cookies anyway.

Sure am glad I have that underground parking spot.

I went to The Kitchen Window and Lund's yesterday (guess where my mind is?).

Kitchen Window has monster paella pans.

The smallest of them can be rented - when filled with paella it feeds 60.

I told Auntie about the fantastic bell pepper display at Lund's.  When I said I took pictures, she looked at me kinda funny.

I told her, "I guess I don't get out enough."

Also in cooking, I tried a new recipe - beef cooked with kosher salt, olive oil, orange zest, nutmeg and cracked pepper.  It was delicious.


kmkat said...

So, you were in Uptown? I used to live at 3028 James, walking distance from Lunds. Heaven.

Such a nice neighbor to brush off your car! Our renter did that for Smokey last weekend, then shoveled the car out when he couldn't get out of the parking spot.

Some people deserve halos. Or something else extra nice, since I don't really believe in angels.

soxanne said...

Cookies. I don't really believe in halos either. Food usually works, imho.

Silvernfire said...

Halos might be useful. Depends on how brightly they glow. You could use one to read by at night, or like a headlamp when working on your car engine or looking for something in the back of a dark closet.