Sunday, November 25, 2012


Where have I been for the past week? I've been either unpacking, working, feeding my children or visiting Auntie in rehab.

First things first; the modem had to be set up.  It was not easy, not even for the tech who was sent out to help me.  I like its position here, next to the antique pitcher, although the pitcher won't stay there.

There are still a few boxes to unpack, and I have to get blinds to replace the hideous curtains.

The refrigerator is appropriately decked out in magnets.  I remember, years ago, a friend at work said something about another co-worker's house and how the kitchen was pathetic, "with magnets and stuff all over the refrigerator."  I decided then and there that she would never enter my house.

The TV is noticeably old and huge.  I'm waiting for my fairy godmother to come deliver a new, sleek one.

The space is good though, and eventually everything will either fit or be taken to Savers.

I found a great place for the cubes from the old kitchen eating area - all the games, hand knits and yarn can fit, plus there's room for my knitting magazines and a few other things.  I'm sure it will all be full in no time.

I kinda accidentally found myself at Ikea today too.

Adding color little by little.  I found out delivery of bookcases is not too expensive.  Assembly, however, is not in the budget, so I'll be enlisting those hungry children to help me put them together...

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