Saturday, November 17, 2012


I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I found a corner in South Minneapolis that has all four stop signs with knit tags. It's on 36th west of where it turns into a two-way but before Bloomington Ave (I think). Check it out; it's a delightful corner.

I closed on the condo Friday.  Once again I have a home.  With quiet neighbors.  And that's Taco Taxi's truck out there on Lake St. mmmmm......
I have an old-lady shopping cart - my first house-warming gift.
And what do you do first thing, when you're moving?  Set up the new swift and wind a hank of yarn into a cake, that's what.
I also got an awesome shower curtain. The place needs color, and I plan to remedy that issue.

I was going to replace the fugly counter tops in the kitchen first thing, but it turns out it's not in the budget.  Other sprucing up will be done.  Stay tuned.


kmkat said...

I LOVE THE SHOWER CURTAIN! (sorry, but I was feeling very enthusiastic about it) Lovely to have a home again, isn't it? I have a tiny housewarming gift for you, too, but you may have to wait until February...

Rose the Gypsy said...

The shopping cart is NOT "old lady" - it mean Urban dweller with an elevator! I miss rolling my groceries to my kitchen instead of hauling them in multiple trips.