Saturday, November 10, 2012

Knitting and DKN is 5

I've been knitting a bit.

I finished a pair of Christmas socks:

I started a mohair scarf within a scarf, which is pretty mindless (which is what I need right now):

I finished new glittens for Boy-child.  I even worked in the ends except for the thumbs and caps, in case they need adjusting:

And perhaps best of all, Drunken Knit Night at Merlin's Rest is five years old.

There was cake, which was cut with dental floss (aren't knitters amazing?):

Two cakes, actually.  And prizes.  I won a book on crochet.

There was lots of fun, and chatting, and some knitting too.

Next month I will be able to walk to DKN.  Unless I have too much to drink, in which case I can take the bus :-)

1 comment:

kmkat said...

LOL @ too much to drink to walk home!

How does the scarf within a scarf work? I don't see any of the pink yarn on the needle.