Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If It's Monday This Must Be Chicago

I went to Chicago to have a last brunch with Boy-child before his departure to Chile.
My coffee came in one of these soup cups from my childhood. It was amazing.

The furniture was also from my childhood. People who had cool parents had tables like this one in their houses when I was a kid.
I think the place we ate was called Filter but they were apparently supplied by Vegan Slut.

Another highlight was a visit to Quimby's, which I had heard of but never visited. I like the fact that the sign makes it look like it's called Squimby.

They have an amazing floor.

The signs are great, and they don't beat around the bush. They have the most incredible zine collection ever.

This sculpture inside the door is very cool.

Note the "knobs" and the skirt is made of keys.

I found this excruciatingly appropriate cover art.

We went to a very cool bookstore too, that unfortunately does not allow photography, and also to Loopy Yarns partly because I had a coupon but really because I had forgotten my tool kit and had to have a few things for the return flight. It was a good thing we went, because I was bumped and there were delays and I ended up in O'Hare airport for about six hours.

O'Hare is not that bad, but security is mayhem:

Today I took Pato to the airport. He and Boy-child met up in Atlanta and were just boarded for the flight to Santiago. I went to work, stopped by the farm to harvest some gazpacho ingredients and now I'm off to knit, read, drink beer and do whatever a cat lady might do.

Yup, it's just me and the cat.

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Anonymous said...

Just you and the cat... and your knitting and books and beer and wine and -- oh, I am soooo jealous!