Sunday, July 31, 2011

Devious Domesticity

I was down at the farm yesterday, where the first sunflower has popped:
I was able to make dinner with home grown tomatoes, green pepper and cilantro. The zucchini was purchased at a stand outside of Needlework after Urban Knitters*. Throw in a leftover brat and you have a quick Teutonic ratatouille:

This is the hat for Boy-child's girlfriend. It has been delivered and modeled on Facebook:
Next up is a pair of orange mittens for one of the teachers at Avalon. There sure are a lot of people who like orange. I am not one of them.
This is a modified Fetching also for someone at Avalon. The true color is kind of a slate blue.

Did I mention that I will be forever indebted to the folks at Avalon?

The cat has been enjoying summer. Don't you wish you could relax like that?

In the meantime I've gone to see the Underwear Exhibit at the Minnesota History Center. It's only one room of stuff but well worth the trip.

*Where I found out about another blog lurker.

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