Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th

So I'm a week behind. It happens.

For the long weekend, I tried to discipline myself in order to get things done. My method was to alternate between things I wanted to do:
And things I had to do:

Things I wanted to do:

And things I had to do:

And things I wanted to do:

Much got done. I'll have to remember that in the future ... "two more rows and then I'll mow the lawn..."

For the 4th we went to see fireworks and have a beer.

After the fireworks the Soap Factory put on the 7th annual Ten Second Film Festival. Girl-child and friends had a number of entries. It was lots of fun.

Also in the arts, the After Sunset Shadow Puppet Shows, after a rocky start due to weather, and a tumultuous middle due to a puppeteer bowing out of his commitment, ended on a successful note.

Next stop, The Antiques Road Show.

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Anonymous said...

We used to use a similar approach to house tidying/cleaning when the boys were younger. Set the oven timer for 20 minutes: work. Set the oven timer for 10 minutes: play. Rinse and repeat. It was perfect for husband and #2 Son, the ADD sufferers. #1 Son, the one with concentration that could stop the universe if he wanted, eventually asked if he could just go ahead and finish his work so he could go play without interruptions.

I still use that method for myself on long, boring tasks that I really want to put off forever.