Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out. Of. Con. trol.

I would say that, in spite of the fact that I was surrounded by gardeners my whole life which lead me to believe that I was not a gardener, I can grow things.
The "farm" is flourishing. Or maybe it's a little out of control, because it's kind of hard to tell what's what. I'm sure things would be better if I pulled out a couple of plants to allow others to breathe, but I'm going to just leave it. What the hell. We've gotten some tomatoes, cilantro, asparagus, and sugar snap peas. The bell peppers are looking good, although they might be squeezed out by the peas. I think the cucumbers were smothered. The sunflowers are going to be lovely.

I think next year I'll get two plots
I've also finished a hat for Boy-child's girlfriend, but now that I know she's a lurker I will not post a photo here. You can check on Ravelry. I'm currently making things for the folks at his high school. I am feeling extremely gratitudinous toward them all since he was accepted into a college a week after he started putting in applications. He'll be spending some time in Chile, so he won't start before January or September of 2012, and he's filling out more applications, so he may end up with a choice. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to BoyChild! Your garden is making the ground tremble with its vigor.