Friday, August 26, 2011

State Fair 2011

I've had a strange relationship with the State Fair over the years. When I was little my grandmother tried taking me, but I was bored (she didn't teach me how to knit, crochet or sew and I wonder why?). When I was a teenager I was only interested in hanging out and maybe going on some rides. When the kids were little we went to see the animals, mostly.
At this point I like to go to Creative Activities, and I especially enjoy volunteering for The Guild, which I did yesterday. Folks love to see socks in production and this year's Snicket Socks were a hit, mostly because of the fabulous yarn (thank you, Rosemary) but also because of the cool pattern.

But what I really like is the Fine Arts building. This piece caught my eye right away - It illustrates what church should do, I think.
I liked this a lot too, I'm not sure exactly why.

This fabulous piece is made out of discarded plastic fruit bags.

And this is made of those return address labels that everyone sends you - you know what I mean, right? Some organizations keep sending them to you even after you quit giving them money. Who sends that much snail mail these days, anyway?

It's called, "Return to Sender"

This one is called, "Road Trip" and it's made of road maps cut into strips and woven, used as a canvas.
I really liked the effect.

And who wouldn't want a bejeweled bicycle?

This was one of the most popular. I love the fact that they're on a scooter, not a Harley.

In creative activities this caught my eye: a starfish with beaded bikini, bag and hat:

I also found Girl-child's octopus. It's very hard to see the knitted things because there are so many they are crammed into the cases. I see more on the blogosphere, frankly. And, of course, there's the September Guild Meeting to look forward to.
When I was volunteering at ARC's Value Village one of the young ladies said that she had a sculpture made of garbage at the DNR site. She's a recent graduate of MCAD.

This made me think of Girl-child and her BFF; they're big drinkers.

I loved this patch in the sidewalk.

All in all it was a good trip this year.

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