Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I spotted this on my way out the door the other morning and managed to snap a shot. Hopefully she'll keep the moths from coming in my door at night.
I finished the last of the Avalon staff gifts - these are for Holly. When I told Holly I was going to knit something for her she reacted as though I had told her she'd won the lottery. I probably knit the equivalent of three pairs what with trying different patterns and needle sizes. The blue is actually a brilliant teal that I was unable to capture, even in natural light.
My mission, now that I'm home alone with the cat, is to clean out the junk in the basement. There's a lot of it what with the fact that we've been here over 20 years and all. I've found a lot of treasures in the junk, including the lovely memorial that Milton wrote about my dad the year after he died, a picture of me in Ladysbridge, Ireland in 1974 that my grandmother had up in her apartment and these lovely creatures - the mother ship was mine when I was a kid and the miniatures are from when Girl-child was little. I obviously couldn't help myself:
Girl-child and I went to a Fringe Festival show last night: Knit One, Purl the Other. There are a few shows left - if you have time I would recommend it.

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