Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feet and Bounty

I have been knitting, although a lot of what I've been doing is stealth, holiday knitting. I managed to finish one of the Snicket socks.
I also rented the movie so that I could see the dress that inspired the pattern. The dress was very cool. The movie, not so good (yes, Sweet Pea, I know you told me it was bad, but the costumes were amazing).

Also in the Feet category, we found some ballet stuff while working on cleaning out the basement. What a wild ride those ballet years were:

At the farm the sunflowers and cucumbers seem to have taken over. The tomatoes have been pretty much choked out. There are a couple of peppers that will be harvested in a week or so. The sugar snap peas are nowhere to be found. The cilantro is done (is that normal?).

Girl-child is looking into how to harvest the sunflower seeds.

The flowers are freakishly large. I think they weigh 10-20 lbs a piece.
I did manage to make some salsa with the tomatoes that survived. I also whipped up a little guacamole. Dinner was based upon some extraordinary cheese I sampled at the grocery store. You cook it up in a little olive oil. Delicious. Fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from the garden were the perfect complement to the cheese. Guac with chips were the second course, fresh fruit for dessert.
Tonight I'll be grilling steak and brats, which should last me the whole week.


Anonymous said...

Cilantro is prone to bolt in hot weather. Which we have had in spades.

samanthix said...

Does this mean you'll have time to see me & Wy-guy soon? We'd love to see you.