Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Book For the Coffee Table

You've maybe seen this book around - I found out about it from an elderly neighbor years ago. She always read good stuff. Weird travel narratives are a favorite of mine; this collection is wonderful.

Then, when I was getting rid of books (I know, I know, but what can you do when they're looking through your bag of books but browse the shelves? I'm still making progress, if not as much as I could have if I'd left the shop to wait for the gal to go through my stuff). Anyway, I found this book and it is the perfect coffee table book - just like the Darwin awards but not pathetic. It's really quite amazing what people stumble upon when traveling. If you planted it on your coffee table it would be great as a conversation starter.

I know it's reminded me of a few bizarre travel experiences of my own. Really, it's great.


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, none of the libraries in my library consortium of 40+ libraries in n.w. Wisconsin has that book. Oh, the humanity!

กาแฟสด Aorabika Coffee said...

Sawasdee ka *-*
I come to visit you blog naka