Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Been soooo busy. Not sure with what. We'll go Sheepish Annie-style with bullets today.
  • Girl-child is home from Chile
  • She stayed one night and was off to her own place again
  • Boy-child may be sick
  • Too much celebrating the success of last week's presentation
  • Part of the celebration was making cookies and sending them to a friend of Boy's
  • Apparently the friend never had anyone make cookies for him before
  • I find this very sad
  • Boy and I saw Abrazos Rotos and it was great
  • Girl and I saw Julie and Julia which we enjoyed very much
  • All of us saw Sherlock Holmes, which was good but too long
  • Who knew Sherlock Holmes could be done with action, special effects and good-looking men?
  • I have two sleeves on the cardigan
  • Only the button-band to go
  • And buttons too, I suppose
  • Today is the first day of the semester
  • I have a new student to start training
  • Short week - woot!
More later, possibly with photos.

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