Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was one of those rare, perfect days.

It started out foggy which meant everything was heavily frosted and very gray early on. Then the sun came out and for the moment before the frost melted we had beautiful scenes everywhere with a backdrop of clear, blue sky.

The sun quickly melted the frost and it was gone.

The middle part of the day was maybe not so perfect, but tolerable.

Then after dinner I went to Boy-child's school to watch presentations. There was a delightful young woman who did her senior project on comics. She was great. Then there were two boys who gave slightly painful presentations, one on Roman Culture and another on Why Humans Can't Live on Venus. Then Boy-child did a presentation on The Geography of WWII. (Sorry about the bad picture, but there is always resistance to photo taking and I was going with a minimalist approach). He did a great job.
This is a better photo of the map. He used game pieces, blocks and whatever was available to help with the illustration of troop movement, invasion, occupation and constantly changing borders.
It's pretty hard to believe he was about to drop out of school a year ago. I'm glad he's found a good place. He was so excited about the project, he loved doing it, he learned a lot and he was obviously proud of his work. And rightly so. His mom is proud too. And thanks, Nicole, for joining us.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Boy-Child! Being in the right place is priceless. Today, for example, I spent the whole day in meetings so missed that magical time with frost against blue skies.