Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beautification Project

You may recall that last November, on an outing that was art filled and inspiring, Girl-child and I tagged a bleak corner of our fair city, leaving a small splash of colorful fun over I94:
This week Girl-child, Friend and I went back to the fence. We hope to add to it regularly, in an attempt to transform the drab space into a cheery corner. We chose the brightest yarn we could find.
Although interrupted briefly by a friendly police officer who was concerned that we may be throwing ourselves or objects off the overpass and into the oncoming traffic, I reassured him that such was not the case. I also took the initiative to educate him on what we were doing. The nice young man, seeing that I was not unlike his mother, took the lesson well and drove away while we finished up.

Hopefully there will be more to come.


Anonymous said...

Oh, excellent, especially the police officer :)

Suzique said...

Yes; now I'm trying to picture you as the mother of a police officer. Nothing is coming into focus yet!